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30 ways Tongkat Ali can Boost your Virility!

Sexual health has a major role in the quality of life and any dysfunction that can lead to

dissatisfaction will negatively impact man’s well-being, and this has been a concern for all

men since ages, that’s why we’re discussing a herb that has been known since ancient

ages for its magical abilities and benefits to improve virility and cure sexual dysfunction.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Eurycoma longifolia commonly called “Tongkat Ali” or “Malaysian ginseng” is a

medicinal flowering plant native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and


Studies have standardized Tongkat Ali to stimulate the release of free testosterone,

improve sex drive, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being.

How is Tongkat Ali used in traditional herbal Chinese medicine?

It has been used in ancient Chinese traditional herbal medicine to treat sexual

dysfunction, improve libido and infertility, aging, malaria, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension,

aches, constipation, fever, exercise recovery, and glandular swelling.

They used each part of the plant to cure a specific illness, for example, the fruit is used

to treat dysentery, the leaves for washing itches, the taproots for high blood pressure

and the root extract for sexual dysfunction and erectile function improvement.

Let’s dive into Tongkat Ali benefits that can boost your virility:

1. Improves Sexual Function

Studies have proven that Tongkat Ali extract is effective in increasing Male’s

sexual function by:

  • Increasing production levels of testosterone.

  • Increasing semen volume, sperm count, sperm viability, and sperm

  • mobility.

  • Enhance sexual performance and erectile function.

2. Improves Libido

Tongkat Ali is known to be the best natural remedy for sexual dysfunction, it

benefits men’s health by supporting a healthy male reproductive function and

fertility and all of this due to high testosterone levels that Tongkat Ali is pretty

much able to increase. In fact, Tongkat Ali is gaining rapid popularity as the

preferred Libido improver due to its long-term benefits and fewer side effects.

3. Fertility Booster

If you have fertility issues and are looking for a solution for pregnancy, Tongkat

Ali may help, as it’s known for its ability to boost testosterone levels and improve libido

and its power to promote normal sperm quality which impacts fertility directly.

4. Improves Muscle Growth

Tongkat Ali is a versatile functional ingredient that is common in the fitness and

sports community as it gives a performance edge in strength and muscle growth.

It is widely used as a pre-workout treatment as a safer alternative to steroids.

5. Enhances The Immune System

Everybody is seeking a way to boost one’s immune system. Immune system is

complex and it’s our defensive system that protects our bodies from any virus or

bacteria, Tongkat Ali is a powerful plant that is able to kill harmful bacteria and

boost the immune system, making it the best option for anyone looking to stay


6. Fights Stress

Stress has become one of modern-day chronic diseases in which each and

everybody is looking for a solution to, this herb is proven to be significantly

effective in improving anger and tension for people taking the extract by

increasing the Testosterone levels and decreasing cortisol stress hormone levels.

7. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Nowadays a lot of people aged 30+ suffer from high blood pressure, and they

may not want to use medicine to lower blood pressure, Tongkat Ali is proven to

enable widening of the blood vessels which helps decrease blood pressure

without using medicines.

8. Aids Cancer Treatments

Unfortunately, there is an alarming fact that 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women are

diagnosed with cancer worldwide. There are around 44 million people globally

who live within 5 years of being diagnosed with cancer.

Tongkat Ali contains 2 major quassinoids named Eurycomanone and

Eurycomanol, which has shown evidence to decrease cancer cell progression.

9. Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone

and as a result, the bones become weak and susceptible to crack.

Recent research on Tongkat Ali showed positive properties to bone development

that can be used to treat osteoporosis. It was discovered that Tongkat Ali has a

major role in boosting testosterone levels and stimulating bone-forming cell

production which leads to bone mass preservation.

Calcium loss prevention is a plus to Tongkat Ali's role in preventing Osteoporosis.

10. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

If you have high blood sugar levels and are looking for natural methods to lower

your blood sugar, Tongkat Ali is your go-to option due to its ability to decrease

blood sugar.

So, when/ if you suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar Tongkat Ali may be

beneficial for you.

11. Natural Anti Inflammatory

Struggling with inflammation and pain is frustrating, Tongkat Ali has shown

results in reducing inflammation and pain resulting from it, not only that but it has

shown to have antibacterial properties as well.

12. Stimulates Weight Loss

As for Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase Testosterone levels it has a direct effect

on weight loss and reducing body fat. Tongkat Ali contains high levels of protein that

results in increasing muscle mass.

13. Fever Treatment

According to traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Tongkat Ali was broadly used

as an antipyretic that reduces most types of fever resulting from different


14. Improve Stamina and Physical Health

Want to improve your stamina? According to studies, Tongkat Ali will help you

improve stamina and endurance that’s why athletes use it regularly to boost their

physical endurance.

15. Balance Mood

High testosterone levels increase your good feelings and decrease mood swings,

As Tongkat Ali is known to escalate testosterone levels and lower cortisol (Stress

hormone) levels, it has a deep impact on balancing your mood and keeping you in the

happy area longer than ever.

16. Boosts Dopamine Levels

Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain that is responsible for mood,

sleep, and motivation. Dopamine levels rise when you exercise, sleep well and meditate. According to a published paper in 2019 this powerful herb will boost dopamine levels by

25% so you don’t only feel better, but more focused as well.

17. Combats Depression

Regulating stress hormones levels and increasing testosterone and dopamine

will help you control depression symptoms such as sleep deprivation which has a

positive impact on your mood.

18. Improves Liver Health

With a significant role in liver detoxification Tongkat Ali can help improve liver

function through detoxifying liver pathways, so if you are concerned about

medicines' effect on the liver, you don’t have to be anymore as it will help the liver get

rid of any residue that may harm the liver.

19. Improves Gut Health

This herb is known to help with indigestion problems and proven in dysentery

treatment that is a usual infection of the gut and dramatically helps with digestive


20. Anti- Malaria Properties

Chinese scientists used ancient traditional medicine to find a cure for malaria in

the 1970s. Tongkat Ali was used way before then in traditional herbal

medicine to cure Malaria and intermittent fever caused by it.

21. Boost Cognitive Functioning

Tongkat Ali increases dopamine levels that are responsible for sending

messages from nerve cells to each other, it also controls learning, concentration

and body movement, so high levels of dopamine will help your brain function

better and be more competitive.

22. Fights Infection

Boosting the immune system and being a natural anti-inflammatory that fights

infections and harmful bacteria is a prime matter that this herb does along with all

its benefits to keep you healthy and strong for as long as possible.

23. Reduces Fatigue

Supporting adrenal health and testosterone production, a huge difference will be

noticed in energy levels after consuming Tongkat Ali as it will reduce fatigue and

make your energy levels rise.

24. Improves Heart Health

This herb has abilities to improve the blood flow and decrease heart disease risk

and cardiovascular issues by improving blood circulation and decreasing

cholesterol levels.

25. Anti Aging Properties

Being an antioxidant, testosterone booster, well-being and dopamine and serotonin

increaser, Tongkat Ali will make you look and feel younger than you really are by

maintaining your mental and overall well being.

26. Fast Recovery

Boosting testosterone levels and improving circulation is what makes it a go-to

option after exercise to help faster recovery and post-workout healing.

27. Upgrades Sleep Quality

Falling asleep faster and waking up fresh and ready to start is what everyone

seeks, this is exactly what you will notice after adding the powerful herb to your


28. Reduces Tumor

Studies have shown that it’s able to protect against DNA damage, kill harmful

bacteria, fight cancer cells, and even reduce tumor size, it has a special

protecting properties against prostate cancer which makes it the ultimate herb

that every man needs.

29. Ameliorates Circulation

Healthy blood circulation is the key to a healthy functioning body, it’s known to

boost the blood circulation and widen blood vessels for better flow and

Cardiovascular disease prevention.

30. Longer Life Expectancy

Thanks to all its benefits and antioxidant properties, and its major role in

improving heart, mental, and overall health This herb can definitely help you live

longer and healthier.


All of the above indicates that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root extract

improves Testosterone production, general health, stress hormone profile, and certain

mood state parameters, suggesting that this “ancient” remedy can be an effective

approach to shielding the body from the fierce effects of modern health challenges such

as (Sexual dysfunction, cancer, overweight problems, chronic stress, and depression)

which may include general daily struggles for any man.

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