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Gaxodus helps you have clear skin, master your digestion, and shed pounds while savoring every bite, Completely Stress-Free!


Comes in a liquid form, It’s because nutrients can only reach cells through liquid solutions, which assimilate in just 4 minutes.  Nutrients delivered through pills take 30 minutes to break down before the body can assimilate them, so delivering nutrients through liquid supplements seems like the sensible choice.


If you suffer from:

  • A constant upset stomach.
  • Tired more often than not.
  • Trouble sleeping in general.
  • Extreme food cravings, especially sugar.
  • Unintentional weight gain or loss.
  • Constantly get sick and catch a cold or flu.

Then you probably have gut problems, and Gaxodus it's the best ally for your gut!!!


It's a 100% Organic Based Probiotic, with 14 powerful ingredients that:

  • Restores Balance to Your Digestive System!
  • Banish Acid Reflux for Good
  • Enhances Digestion and Bowel Movement
  • Strengthens The Immune System
  • Reduces Bloating and Gas


  • We're dedicated to your satisfaction at SK Multicare. Here's our concise refund policy for your supplement purchases:

    • Eligibility: Our money-back guarantee applies to purchases of one month's supply or more.
    • Claim Limit: The guarantee can be used only once per customer.
    • First Purchase: This guarantee is applicable only to your initial purchase of a specific product.
    • Assessment Period: Claims are assessed after a minimum of 30 days of product usage.
    • Evidence: You might need to show proof of 30-day product usage for a refund claim.
    • Scope: Refunds are based on observed results, not for stopping due to side effects or other reasons.

    Your satisfaction and well-being are important to us. Contact Customer Support for assistance or questions.

    Thank you,

  • **Shipping Policy**

    We're excited to deliver quality products to you. Here's a brief overview of our shipping policy:

    - Delivery Time: Depending on your location, please allow up to one week for product delivery.
    - Tracking: Once your order ships, you'll receive a tracking number to stay updated on its progress.
    - Location Variance: Delivery times may vary based on your location and current circumstances.
    - Communication: We'll notify you of any delays and keep you informed throughout the shipping process.
    - Contact Us: If you have questions or concerns about your shipment, feel free to contact our friendly customer support.

    Thank you for choosing SK Multicare

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